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Water Damage Restoration

Jo-Lynn in Boone uses Vortex drying

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Water intrusion can happen for a variety of reasons. Broken pipes, fire sprinklers and floods are just a few reasons that can result in the need for water damage restoration. Not only does water cause initial damage, you can have secondary damage that occurs from the moisture when it's not properly addressed. Over time, you can experience issues like warping, mold and discoloration. However, with Vortex drying you have a modern method for handling water damage and restoration.

What is Vortex drying

Vortex drying is a technique that uses certain methods and machinery to minimize the damage to your structure and contents. Furthermore, by using this kind of drying technique you can greatly reduce the chance of mold and mildew, which is another set of issues you don't need in your home or business. If you'd like to learn more about flood restoration services of Jo-Lynn we are happy to help you. Simply get started by calling or using the handy form on this page.

Water damage emergency tips

  1. Cut the water off and/or try to stop it from coming in!
  2. Call Jo-Lynn Enterprises at 828-759-5300 or click here to contact us.
  3. Relocate valuable items off the floor and into a room that has not been affected or block the item with towels if there is nowhere to move it to.
  4. Call your insurance company.  Get the name of your adjuster, their contact information and your claim number.
  5. Take pictures of the damaged area and the cause of damage.

Water damage is a major disaster that requires immediate and professional attention to dry out and prevent mold growth.  It may seem fairly simple to clean up from water damage such as plumbing leaks but water can penetrate into cavities and assemblies, creating trapped pockets of saturation.  The effects of this trapped water may include discoloration, warping, splitting, delaminating, and a musty odor, which is why contacting a certified water restoration professional immediately is essential.


For water damage repair call 828-759-5300

dehumidifier and fans dry water damage
Commercial dehumidifiers and powerful fans speed the drying process.
injectadry water drying technology
Modern techniques help preserve your home after flooding and water damage.