This moisture meter is used to detect moisture on flat surfaces

The two tall silver machines are high performance dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers can pull moisture from anything porous including carpet, pad, drywall, wood floors and tile floors.

In this picture, we have three high-powered blue fans and one dehumidifier to dry the carpet.

The black squares taped to the wood floor are called Injectidry panels. They are being used to extract moisture from the wood floors. The panels are attached to the dehumidifier next to the fire place to help in drawing out moisture.  Placed on top of the injectidry panels are high-powered blue fans on stands to increase the airflow over the wood floors.

This is a close-up of an Injectidry panel pulling water from the wood floors.

In this picture, the Injectidry panels are taped to the tile floors to pull moisture.

This photo shows a dehumidifier with amps attached to help dry the area faster.

Safety first! Wearing a protective suit, mask and gloves while cleaning mold.

This picture shows a sealed room. The walls and doorways are covered to prevent mold from spreading into this area of the home.