Do not attempt to clean soot off porous surfaces such as walls or upholstery with a water based product. It will only smear the soot around.


Fuel Oil


If you have any type of fuel oil have the lines cleaned yearly to prevent a smoke damage.If you have any type of fuel oil have the lines cleaned yearly to prevent a smoke damage.


Gas Logs


If you have gas logs in your home, have them serviced and your pilot light cleaned yearly. This could prevent a smoke damage caused from a clog.


Burning Food


A common cause of smoke damage is from burning food. This type of fire is called a protein fire and it causes the worst smell. To prevent this type of fire, don’t leave your stove, microwave, or toaster unattended while cooking.




Mold is as common as dirt. It is all around us and you breathe it in every time you walk outside. Allergies are mold at high levels of pollen that become airborne during spring and fall.


Water Connections


Check all water connections and hook ups regularly. If you don’t, you could develop a mold problem because you cannot have a mold problem without also having a water problem!


Sinks & Toilets…


Check the connections to sinks and toilets regularly to make sure they are tight and not leaking.


Clean Your Gutters!


Clean your gutters! Gutters are a frequent cause of water damage.  Clean them regularly, especially in the fall months.


Check Your Ice Maker


Check your ice maker line hook ups regularly.  This is a common water damage issue.  If you check the hook up regularly you can upgrade and repair the connection before a problem arises.


Check your washer hookups!


Check your washing machine hook ups regularly.  The connections can wear out and can also come loose from the machine’s spin cycle.


To prevent water damage:


To prevent water damage, have an on/off valve for your water somewhere easy to reach inside your house.  When you are out of town for more than three days cut the water off before you leave.  If you do this and something breaks you only have to worry about the water that is in your pipes causing damage instead of gallons upon gallons wreaking havoc in your home. It is important to winterize your home each season before the temperatures drop below freezing. Call us today to set up a low cost, highly effective winterizing!